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  • Meerelle Cruz

Say Hello to Chirp, Twitter's Most Recent UI Redesign

You may have noticed a change in Twitter's user interface design if you have a keen eye. It's fine if it's not. That is, after all, the point of this blog.

Twitter acknowledged on their official account in the early hours of August 12, 2021 that they had modified the way their platform looks—font-wise. The Verge was the first to report on the move. Twitter's brand revamps, which began in January, included a notable change in font dubbed Chirp, as well as higher contrast colors. Twitter noted in a blog post that they wanted a creative design that was "purposefully flawed" and centered on their "iconic logo, Twitter blue, AND Tweets."

“Chirp hits the balance between messy and sharp to highlight the fun and irreverence of a Tweet, but can also bear the weight of seriousness when needed,” Twitter said of their new typeface. Derrit DeRouen, Twitter's Global Brand Creative Director, originally voiced his wish for the social media company to have its typeface on January 28, 2021, and detailed his reasoning in a Twitter thread. For it [Chirp] to be used every day, DeRouen noted that it needed to be "crisp and legible (with good density), but with personality and originality."

Don't you think it's a lot like Twitter?

Twitter's official Design account also tweeted about the changes, noting that while it may appear strange at first, it's simply the company becoming more approachable, unique, and user-focused. (In case you didn't notice, they also changed the colors of the Follow button.)

While it may have given some users headaches, I believe it's cute. It may take a little longer to get used to!

Also, it appears that not everyone has received the modification yet, so just wait a little longer!

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