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Rising Video App TikTok is Already Testing Ads

As Facebook looks to find new ways to re-connect with the youth, and Snapchat grapples with its business model, music video focused app TikTok is emerging as the new key platform for younger users, melding the viral nature of Vine with an advanced range of additional features and tools.

And the app is definitely growing fast - according to a Variety report last November, TikTok had already been downloaded and installed nearly 80 million times in the U.S. alone - including a record 3.8 million first-time downloads in October. As per data from Sensor Tower, the app now has close to 800 million total installs to date. That figure doesn't necessarily reflect active users (reported to be around 130 million users), but still, it is clearly on the rise - the app has been surging ever since it absorbed in August last year.

And now, TikTok is looking to enable advertisers to tap into its youth appeal, which could see budget diverted from other sources - most notably Snapchat.

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