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  • Meerelle Cruz

Revue Newsletter Subscription Cards in Tweets Are Now Available on Twitter

For Revue newsletter creators, this will be a nice feature. Twitter has launched a new Revue newsletter subscription card that allows users to join newsletters directly from tweets in-stream. Revue creators may now publish a link to their newsletter sign-up in a tweet, as shown in this example, giving them more ways to drive subscribers from the platform.

Followers will be able to subscribe to your newsletter directly from your Twitter profile, thanks to Revue. They can now do so from Tweets as well, with some of them requiring only one click. When someone publishes a link to one of your newsletter posts in a Tweet, and someone clicks on it in their timeline, when they return to Twitter, a 'Subscribe' button will display in the preview. It's a massive upgrade that will undoubtedly increase the attraction of Revue newsletters, as well as the ability to generate additional sign-ups with each tweet.

According to Revue, users will also be able to add sign-up cards within Spaces and at the end of tweet threads. It could be an excellent way to gain subscribers from viral tweets (rather than the old SoundCloud link), and users will be able to add sign-up cards within Spaces and at the end of tweet threads. As previously mentioned, Twitter has been striving to integrate new creator monetization options throughout the year, like its Super Follow tweet add-on and Ticketed Spaces, which can help you get more direct cash from your in-app efforts.

Another area of potential growth is newsletters, and by making it easy to harness its audience reach to enhance newsletter sign-ups, it may prove to be an alluring bait for more creators who are contemplating newsletters as a way to grow their community. It certainly adds to the mix, and the new card type, like the profile addition, may pave the way for further, similar direct connection choices to other companies and services within tweets if consumers are willing to accept the format.

The new option is now available to all Revue users; however, it is only available on the desktop and mobile sites, with iOS and Android versions coming soon.

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