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  • Meerelle Cruz

Reddit Shares New Insights On The Growing NFT Conversation

There's a lot of NFT debate on Reddit, but it's not all positive, and the tide appears to be moving against the initial trend of NFT profile images, with the choice tainted by continual frauds and rug-pulls, and it's also unclear whether it'll be a long-term interest area. However, if you're considering NFTs and the marketing potential available in the area, these Reddit figures may give you some further food for thought.

Interest in NFTs in the app is growing, as shown in the infographic below, and there are a variety of ways to engage with a larger audience through related subreddits and communities. Reddit also offers some marketing advice for NFT initiatives that are applicable outside of the site.

Digital goods will be a part of our future. It's unclear whether this will take the shape of cartoonish profile photographs, but either way, it's important to familiarize yourself with the space's increasing prospects.

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