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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Reddit's Ad Platform Gets New Updates, Including Bid Recommendations

Reddit proceeds to optimize its advertising tools by updating its ad creation platform, adding recommendations for bids, greater editing capabilities and increased system efficiency.

To begin, when you create your Reddit ads campaign, the dashboard will now offer a recommended bid price based on your specified parameters to ensure optimal audience reach.

As shown in this example, when you select your audience reach, Reddit's system will now give an estimated bid for achieving the best reach outcomes with your campaign.

It is comparable to the audience and cost estimation tools offered on other platforms (most notably Facebook), which provide further assistance to help improve your campaigns or establish more practical performance goals based on comparative factors.

No doubt, the platforms would prefer that you spend more money, so you should always run your own trials to supplement any such advice. However, by showing this piece more prominently, you may be able to boost the performance of your Reddit ads.

Furthermore, Reddit has upgraded its bulk edit process, allowing advertisers to adjust bids and budgets across numerous ad groups at the same time, as well as other system upgrades to increase productivity.

“Loading times with the updated dashboard is also now 2x faster than before”

As previously stated, Reddit has been striving to improve its business services in recent years, positioning its vast, engaged audience as a more viable and appealing alternative for brand outreach. Previously seen as an unruly part of the internet, Reddit has cleaned up many of its most contentious forums, while also adding more methods to contact Redditors when they're most active in-stream.

It's even changed its slogan: "dive into anything" has replaced "the front page of the internet."

It's difficult to say whether this helps to better define Reddit's purpose and appeal to ad partners, but it's possible that by moving further away from prior associations, the site can expand its drive into new business terrain.

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