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  • Meerelle Cruz

Reddit Releases Performance Metrics for Creators On The Web

Reddit has launched metrics to help creators and moderators understand how their content or community content performed, as well as what types of content work and resonate with their audiences and communities.

With the launch of performance metrics on the web, Reddit OPs (original posters) and moderators can gather data and use it to improve content.

Previously, Creator Stats were available to creators, but the feature was removed due to scale and performance difficulties. For the past five months, Reddit has opted 50 percent of desktop users and moderators into an experiment that displays Creator Stats on qualified posts.

After working to increase visibility into the posts made across the site for creators and moderators, the platform is now bringing this feature back. Performance metrics for the original poster – or a moderator of the post's community – will be available on the post details page when a post has gotten 10 views and will expire after 45 days. This data will assist moderators in determining the types of content that can help their communities grow and improve. This can also assist users in determining how well their message was received by the community.

These metrics will show:

  • Total post views

  • Upvote rate

  • Community karma earned

  • Total shares

On the initial test of Creator Stats, Reddit received an excellent response, with users finding it useful to know how many people visit the post even if they don't vote. On the new Reddit, 90% of users on desktop and moderators would have access to statistics.

Reddit will continue to develop on Creator Stats, to bring it to mobile apps and profile postings in the future. Other statistics that could be included and be relevant and beneficial to Reddit users are also being considered.

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