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Reddit Releases Improved Video Tools and Declares Dubsmash's Shutdown

Reddit has announced the shutdown of separate Dubsmash app, which it purchased back in December, as it seeks to integrate Dubsmash's creative features into Reddit itself and expand its video engagement.

Dubsmash, which would be accessible until February, allows users to create films with music snippets, as well as add effects and filters to make their clips eye-catching in user feeds.

Reddit is now aiming to incorporate such features into the Reddit camera in order to capitalize on the app's growing video engagement.

Reddit points out:

“To date this year (January 2021 to November 2021), video content has soared on Reddit. We’ve seen nearly 70% growth in overall hours watched, and a more than 30% increase in daily active video viewers.”

Furthermore, Reddit claims that its new, TikTok-like video feed option has witnessed a 50 percent rise in quarter-over-quarter short video viewership.

Considering broader content consumption patterns, it's no wonder that video is becoming more popular on Reddit, and now that Dubsmash has merged with the app, Redditors will have access to a new set of video creation and editing capabilities.

The new Reddit camera will have different recording speed choices, video timers, the ability to post videos in landscape and portrait orientation, and new clipping features.

Reddit is also releasing its first AR lenses, with effects like 'Bread Cat' and 'Snoo.'

Users would be able to add stickers, draw with tools, and attach voiceovers to their videos, boosting the creative possibilities for Reddit videos.

This could assist to boost video interaction in the app and better line it with current trends, which is a critical step as users increasingly gravitate toward greater video engagement.

While Reddit's AR capabilities are now limited, it may be just as important that the site stays in pace with the dynamic AR scene, which is poised to become a much greater consideration once fully functional AR glasses becomes accessible in the next two years.

This will also coincide with the emerging metaverse shift, which will bring our physical and digital worlds together. No one knows precisely how it will work just yet, but AR appears to be a big part of it, and Reddit's own AR features will let it stay connected as this portion develops.

However, time is running out for Dubsmash users. At one point, the app was facilitating over a billion monthly video views, and it was especially popular among marginalized communities. Ultimately, they'll have to switch to Reddit or find another application that better suits their needs.

Reddit, on the other hand, will benefit from this loss as it improves its video features in order to promote additional growth in this area.

Reddit's new camera features are now accessible on both iOS and Android.

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