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Reddit adds new Anonymous Browsing mode to mobile app

The internet is unfathomably massive, and sometimes you end up in weird places. And... maybe you don't want all those places connected to your online persona. No problem, as long as you're a Redditor. The official Reddit app has a new anonymous browsing mode that's more anonymous than the one it had previously.

The new mode is labeled in the app as "Anonymous Browsing" rather than just "Anonymous" like the old version. The crucial difference here is that Anonymous Browsing generates a new unique session ID, ensuring there's no connection between your "anonymous" activity and your account. As with the previous anonymous mode, you will still see the default set of subreddits, but you can go anyplace. However, none of this activity will feed into ads or personalized notifications.

You can deactivate Anonymous Browsing at any time to return to your default Reddit account. The app will also automatically end anonymous mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. This feature will roll out to all Android users in the next few days. The iOS app will get Anonymous Browsing at a later date.

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