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Quiz Stickers are the next new thing for Instagram Stories

Instagram was testing their new feature back in February, but has now launched it in the App for all their users. The new, Instagram Stories , Quiz Sticker gives users a chance to interact with their followers.

Every now and then Instagram launches new features in the App. These Instagram Stories Stickers are one of the innovating new features. The new feature lets you engage with your audience by quizzing them. The new feature isn’t very refreshing, since it looks like de ‘poll’ function which was already available for a while. The difference between the two is that the quiz has more option and gives you feedback on your choice, whether it’s wrong or right.

Business wise this feature can be very valuable. It makes it possible to ask your audience for feedback and then send them to your website to provide them with more information by using the ‘swipe up’ option. Besides this, it’s a new variation to use in your business Instagram Stories.

Curious about the newest features on Instagram or other Social channels? Check out our blog and news articles, we’ll keep you up to date!

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