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  • Meerelle Cruz

Pinterest Tests Idea Pin Sharing Direct to Facebook and Instagram Stories

To assist users to get the most out of their Idea Pins, Pinterest is adding a new feature that will allow direct sharing to Instagram and Facebook Stories, along with a watermark from the social media platform. Twitter user @whimchic noted that the new method allows users to share their Idea Pins via the 'Send' option, while Facebook and Instagram Stories are listed as distribution outlets. Using this method, you might potentially reach a significantly larger audience with your Pin Stories, i.e. Idea Pins, by sharing them in Facebook's apps.

With a direct link to their Pin presence, eCommerce firms aiming to promote visibility will likely benefit greatly from this feature. Of course, you can also launch a Facebook or Instagram Shop to encourage conversions, but if Pinterest is more your thing and Idea Pins are a useful way for you to create engaging material, it could aid in your process.

Idea Pins do have some useful features, such as the easily accessible 'Ghost Mode,' which helps you frame each shot, and the recently updated stock music tool, which now lets any track you select to play continuously across all your Idea Pin frames, without you having to manually adjust it each time.

Facilitating interconnection between Stories tools can also help increase the value of your efforts, essentially through re-posting – but it is also worth creating unique content for each platform, where possible, as simply re-sharing the same content on each can get repetitive and fail to capitalize on the individual strengths of each network and function. Therefore, the use of a Pinterest watermark is critical in this case. The watermark lets people know that there's more to this topic on Pinterest, which helps direct them back to your original Pins.

Pinterest has confirmed to SMT that the new sharing feature is being tested, but it is not yet available to everyone.

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