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Pinterest search trends during COVID-19

With Pinterest seeing increased usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, social media management tool Tailwind has compiled a new listing of rising search trends to help you tap into the latest shifts.

The trends are likely much as you would expect - increases in topics related to self-care, home-schooling, board games, etc. But Tailwind's listing provides specific insight into the key search queries within each segment, which could help you devise a more effective Pin strategy.

In addition to this, Tailwind has also launched a new $1 million Small Business Relief Program, to help SMBs impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns across the globe. Recipients of grants from the program will receive up to three months of complimentary access to Tailwind, along with access to courses and other benefits designed to assist.

You can find out more about tailwind's grants program here, and check out the latest Pin trends in the infographic below.​

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