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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Pinterest's search results now includes 'Profiles' tab to better highlight Pin Creators

With the launch of a new 'Profiles' page within Pin search, Pinterest hopes to increase creator discovery by displaying relevant creators associated to any search term.

The new 'Profiles' page, as seen here, will aid users in locating specific creators, whether through user name searches or within topic and product categories.

Pinners will be able to locate the best creators for each topic, which will significantly increase creator exposure and presence. The new 'Profiles' tab was first introduced in October as part of Pinterest's Creators' Festival event, and is now made accessible to more users worldwide, further increasing the app's discovery potential.

Pinterest, as with all platforms, is attempting to retain its best creative talent and encourage its most popular users to publish more frequently in order to maintain user interest. Pinterest initiated its $500k Creator Fund in April of last year, which it plans to develop into 2021, as well as a Creator Rewards program in October, which rewards creators for participating in a variety of challenges tied to app activity.

With every platform vying for engagement, all social apps are seeking the best incentives to effectively match notable voices with their apps. Furthermore, with TikTok and Instagram making huge efforts into eCommerce, Pinterest could lose its biggest stars if it can't compete.

As a result, it has to deliver more tools and opportunities for exposure, and this new search tab will assist Pinners in finding relevant influencers and experts in any industry.

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