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Pinterest Reveals New Prom Week Initiatives and Identifies Key Prom Trends

With Prom Week fast approaching, Pinterest has unveiled a new campaign to assist users in finding prom inspiration, teaming with actress Peyton List to display the season's finest prom fashions.

According to Pinterest:

“Beginning April 4th, Pinterest will be hosting Prom Week, an immersive and engaging in-product experience filled with all of the latest prom fashion and beauty trends. In addition to Peyton, Pinterest tapped publishers like Teen Vogue as well as some of the biggest names in beauty and fashion to create ideas that will inspire your best Prom looks.”

Pinterest has also enlisted the help of several fashion experts for its prom campaign, which will feature advice on the newest manicure and hair trends, as well as the best outfits and looks, all based on Pin search activity.

That brings us to the question, what are the season's major trends? 'The Great Gatsby' and the successful TV program 'Euphoria,' which has swiftly become a pioneer in inclusive fashion, are two major influences, according to Pinterest's statistics.

  • The number of searches for 'non-binary prom outfits' has increased by 13X.

  • The number of searches for 'Euphoria themed party outfits' has risen by 19X.

  • Queries for 'Great Gatsby prom dresses' have increased by 7X.

Light blue, lilac, and black are the season's most popular hues, with neon colors also becoming increasingly popular. And now with the restrictions due to the pandemic mostly lifted, it'll be fascinating to witness what the students would come up with prom finally set to happen.

It would undoubtedly be a spectacular event, as it brings back a major rite of passage for teenagers, and also a sense of normalcy in the post-pandemic world.

These Pinterest trend insights are valuable data and would certainly be helpful if you're wanting to maximize your marketing chances around the event. Also, Pinterest would be an effective platform for engaging users looking for the essential items to complete their prom look.

More information about Pinterest's current prom trends may be found here.

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