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Pinterest Releases New Insights into Popular Trends and How Brands Can Capitalize on Key Shifts

Pinterest has released a new overviewof the major trends that are gaining popularity on its platform, along with some examples of how businesses are using the network's expanding trend data to create more successful Pin outreach.

Pinterest presented its ‘Pinterest Predicts' report in December of last year, highlighting 30 trends that it expected would become greater movements in 2021, based on increased search activity and interaction.

Pinterest now claims to have gotten most of these predictions correct, with its most recent data showing that 80% of the trends identified in that study had gained traction over the course of the year.

According to Pinterest:

“By offering brands a peek into the future - during the critical discovery mindset - Pinterest is helping advertisers connect more deeply with their audiences. Pinterest’s capacity to predict new habits and behaviors based on Pinner activity continues to grow and become a more prominent value-add for advertisers.”

Matter of fact, Pinterest is expanding its array of tools in this area, including the extremely useful Pinterest Trends tool, which allows you to search for any keyword and see how others in the app are engaging with it.

Pinterest's data analysts used a similar process to create its Pinterest Predicts overview, and Pinterest claims that brands are having success by building plans around major movements based on its data.

  • Buick designed a campaign centered on the Little Moments of Big Love trend, which was inspired by Pinterest data showing that people are enjoying even the smallest occasions. Even if the trend originated in the parties and events segment, the auto brand didn't miss out on the opportunity, capitalizing on the fact that people were holding movie nights beneath the stars. When compared to auto benchmarks, the campaign outperformed expectations, with a 74 percent higher Video Completion Rate (VCR).

  • Dawn capitalized on the increasing trend Bland is Banned by launching a trend package based on the spiced-up recipe craze, resulting in 24 percent higher CPMs than the Household benchmark.

These are some practical, concrete examples of how you can utilize Pinterest's insights to improve your on-platform performance, and it's apparent that aligning with these trends, as well as Pinterest's predictions, may help you connect with rising user interests.

Pinterest also states that trends continue longer on its platform, with habitual changes lasting 21% longer than on other social media platforms.

“Most trends on the internet last about six months and then fade out. But not on Pinterest. Here, trends sustain monthly growth more than 20% longer than trends on the rest of the Internet. In other words, they’re not just a flash in the pan. Which means brands and creators who feature these trends benefit from content with a longer lifespan.”

Pinterest has published a trend chart depicting search interest in the term "Forest resort" over time to demonstrate this.

Pinterest notes that this trend, which it found in its analysis, has lasted for 13 months rather than being a one-time blip.

As a result, Pinterest trends may become even more important.

While Pinterest's user growth slowed in the most recent quarter, it has witnessed a huge increase in interest as a result of the COVID-inspired eCommerce boom. During the lockdowns, Pinterest became a substitute for the real shopping mall for some, allowing it to form stronger ties with users and become a more vital medium for product discovery and purchase. Pinterest is attempting to capitalize on this by expanding product tag options and introducing new features such as Idea Pins, which are designed to tie with video consumption trends.

They make a potentially formidable mix for your eCommerce efforts, and the research reveals that Pinterest may be an excellent venue for learning about and implementing crucial shifts in your digital marketing strategy.

The full Pinterest predictions can be found here.

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