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Pinterest Releases a New Holiday Marketing Hub to Help You Plan Your Campaign

Pinterest's holiday marketing hub has been revamped for 2021, featuring a number of new resources and reference points to help you improve your Pin campaigns for the end-of-year bustle.

Pinterest is well-positioned to produce substantial outcomes, with the platform currently hitting new revenue and usage peaks throughout 2021, with eCommerce sales likely to touch record highs in the period.

To begin with, Pinterest emphasizes the need of getting started early in order to maximize the success of your holiday campaign.

“Brands who start their holiday campaigns earlier in the season see a +6% incremental sales lift, and 4.7x more conversions compared to those that only focus on the later weeks.”

Moreover, according to Pinterest's data, buyers are considerably more active before Cyber Monday (11/29), with 60% of all Pinterest-sourced holiday sales taking place before that date in 2020.

Pinterest offers some helpful planning overviews for your Holiday marketing campaign, as well as important Pin user personas to remember.

Pinterest has also built a new board with examples of "best-in-class" creative campaigns to help you with your strategic planning.

There are also links to Pinterest ad information and a form to get a free holiday marketing consultation with a Pin expert.

Pinterest has also supplied a campaign guide that explains which ad types are suitable for various goals.

There isn't a lot of new content here right now, but Pinterest may add more in the coming weeks, and it's obviously helpful to have all of these resources and materials in one spot, which may be especially useful if you're planning a Pin campaign.

You should, however, get moving. The majority of purchases are expected to happen during the next three and a half weeks, according to Pinterest, so now is the time to make your Pin push.

The updated Pinterest Holiday Marketing Hub may be found here.

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