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Pinterest Presents Global Ads Summit

Pinterest has announced its 2nd annual Global Ads Summit for advertisers who use their platform, to provide insights into shopping tools, trend predictions and new ways to collaborate with creators.

The Pinterest Global Ads Summit on the 10th of March, will feature trend forecasts and products as well as guests to address the audience on how to showcase their brand on Pinterest.

Pinterest creator Tan France will share why shopping on Pinterest differs from other platforms and new Chief Content Officer Malik Ducard will show new ways to collaborate with creators on Pinterest.

CEO Ben Silbermann will provide his vision for Pinterest for the future, and Andrea Mallard will be on hand to share the I-wish-I-knew-this-primal research that could impact viewer results in 2022.

Last year's Global Ads Summit featured the power of the Pinterest Community, where Gen Z and Men were the largest shareholders and both audiences had grown 40% over the year by 2020.

It also mentioned the tools that allowed advertisers to see what users were engaging with or searching for on Pinterest, and another resource to engage more audiences was the Pinterest Premiere, which gave them an option to tailor a video to the details.

This year, Pinterest wants to focus on the top concerns users have while using the platform.

Here are the key highlights from this year's advertising summit that will be elaborated by guests:

*New product announcements

*Shopping opportunities for Pinterest sellers in 2022

*A deep dive into creators and monetization on Pinterest

*This year's most unexpected trend predictions

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