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  • Meerelle Cruz

Pinterest Now Allows Users to Share Idea Pins with Other Apps

If you're wanting to improve your Pinterest presence, this could be a useful addition - but it is a bit of a cheeky feature that comes with some caveats. Pinterest has made it possible to download your Idea Pins for sharing to other apps, replete with a Pinterest watermark, as of this week.

According to Pinterest:

“Starting today, all users can download and share published Idea Pins on social channels including Facebook and Instagram. These Idea Pins will be downloaded as a watermarked video that stitches all the Idea Pin pages together, and ends with an end card that displays the creator’s name and username.”

You can easily share your Idea Pins to other social apps by selecting the "FBStories" or "IG Stories" option in the sharing menu, which will start a download tailored to each app, and then open either with the video ready to go in the upload flow, or you may download the clip and upload to TikTok. It’s cool, and it'll help you promote your Pins even more.

The issue is that Instagram already penalizes Reels uploads with a TikTok watermark to prevent users from simply copying and pasting TikTok content. Instagram claims that any watermarked video will lose reach, and while this is particular to Reels, we wouldn't be surprised if the same restriction applies to Stories submissions as well. That could be another aspect to consider, but even if there is a reach penalty, it might be worth a go if you're looking for fresh ways to promote your Pinterest page.

Pinterest's active user count has dropped recently as COVID limitations are loosened and more people return to in-store buying. However, with 430 million active users focused largely on product discovery, it remains a major factor for eCommerce firms, and Idea Pins have shown to be successful with customers thus far. If you want to boost your Pin presence, it might be worth experimenting with.

All users now can share and download Idea Pins.

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