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Pinterest Launches Creator Showcase for Latiné Heritage Month

For Latin and Hispanic Heritage Month, Pinterest has announced a number of events and shopping offers, along with a new shopping display and a collaborative Idea Pins initiative with chosen Pin creators.

Although, unlike other platforms, Pinterest refers to the occasion as "Latiné Heritage Month."

According to Pinterest:

“Guided by Pinterest’s internal employee resource group, Pinterest is embracing Latiné as a term that is not only inclusive and gender neutral, but also easier to pronounce in Spanish than the more commonly used term, Latinx.”

Some people dislike the word ‘Latinx,' but as Pinterest points out, Latiné is more inclusive, therefore it has opted to include it in its events calendar.

A new Shopping Spotlight collection, including over 20 brands that characterize as Latiné, will be the centerpiece of Pinterest's Latiné Heritage Month event.

“Shoppers can enhance their style with jewelry from Navarro Official and Vibes Jewelry, upgrade their wardrobe with Latina Palace, or accessorize with Volta Atelier and Min & Mon. Pinners can also keep their hair looking its best with products from LatinUS Beauty.”

Pinterest is also collaborating with 11 creators from the United States and Latin America to present a variety of themed Idea Pins and content.

“Creator Idea Pin content includes Latiné-inspired recipes, style trends, book and movie recommendations. And Loli Alliati and Mama Latina Tips will host live cooking classes to share classic Latiné flavors that can be recreated at home.”

Pinterest will also hold internal workshops for workers to assist them have a better understanding of the Latiné community, as well as promote donations to Latiné-related initiatives.

Pinterest has made increasing diversity and inclusion a priority, particularly in the last year, following reports about internal culture concerns, which in some cases led to open prejudice, brought to light by former workers.

Externally, Pinterest has always worked to deliver more inclusive solutions and tools, so the reports created a big impact, and as a response, Pinterest has undertaken a more concerted effort to enhance internal education, while also striving to be more inclusive in all of its activities.

Pinterest is trying to ensure that each celebration is more than simply a token effort, as seen by these new showcasing events.

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