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  • Meerelle Cruz

Pinterest is Now TAG Brand Safety Certified

The Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG), an organization that strives to promote trust and transparency in digital advertising by combating criminal conduct online, has given Pinterest brand safety accreditation. This is a huge accomplishment for Pinterest, as well as a good indicator for firms that are advertising on the network or considering it as a marketing tool. It has proved its commitment to protecting its partners and users by adopting industry best practices against inappropriate ad placement and other brand safety threats by becoming TAG Brand Safety Certified.

Pinterest had to achieve stringent criteria to earn the "TAG Brand Safety Certified" status, which extends across APAC, Europe, Latin America, and North America:

  1. TAG's Brand Safety Principles must be followed in all of its digital advertising contracts.

  2. According to their digital advertising agreements, "inclusion and exclusion lists" are used to analyze 100% of monetizable transactions on the site.

  3. To reduce the danger of ad misplacement, regulations and processes should be well documented. This could encompass anything from the people, tools, and technology that are used to assess and flag material to the processes and procedures that are utilized to define inclusion and exclusion lists in order to ensure that content is brand safe.

  4. The company employs a TAG compliance officer and participates in annual TAG training.

Pinterest joined the Global Alliance for Responsible Media near the end of 2020 and has been campaigning more for brand and consumer safety. Pinterest has also developed a dedicated Brand Safety Hub, which details the platform's multi-year efforts to ensure Pinterest a brand-safe environment. It's no surprise that 91 percent of people think Pinterest is a good place to be. Pinterest believes that "you can't feel inspired without first feeling protected."

For brands, this means they can approach the platform with confidence as they search for a trustworthy venue to sell their products. Pinterest remains a strong social media network for brands even without this certificate, as two out of three people say they use it to identify new products and services they can trust.

It will be fascinating to watch what Pinterest's future actions are in terms of openness and security, but for the time being, this certification gives Pinterest the upper hand over competing platforms.

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