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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Pinterest Introduces Option to Reply with an Idea Pin to a Comment

Just after Instagram's announcement that users can now reply to comments with a Reels video clip, Pinterest has revealed that users can now reply to Pin comments with an Idea Pin video, giving a similar feature.

You can now attach a visual element to your Pin comment reply by tapping on the three dots menu beside a comment, which will show you the option to 'Reply with new Idea Pin,' as seen in the illustration above. The full-screen Idea Pin composer will then appear, allowing you to add extra context to your reply.

TikTok, which offered a video reply option in May of last year, spurred the concept for video replies. Given the rise in short-form video engagement, it makes sense for Pinterest to follow suit and provide additional opportunities for people to use video for engagement and interaction anywhere they can.

Pinterest also released Idea Pin Takes in October, which offer a similar feature, albeit it's more focused on allowing people to share their experiences in response to an idea rather than specific parts.

With the ability to add explanation videos, personalized video replies to comments, product promotions, and more, Idea Pin replies might be a big factor for brands on Pinterest.

The functionality can be used in a variety of ways, and as Pinterest goes more and more into video engagement, it provides yet another method to tap into usage trends and strengthen connections with Pinners.

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