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Pinterest inspires Pinners and Creators to show their true colors

June was the Pride Month. People express, celebrate their identities and make their voice be heard within the LGBTQ+ community. Pinterest always support and give them a positive place to reach their dreams, discover ideas and encourage them to express their true colors and be themselves

People come to Pinterest to show their Pride and LGBTQ+ flags.

Searches also reveal that Pinterest is the one of the best place where people find inspiration for coming out, it may be difficult for many but also represents a milestone worth celebrating.

According to searches, “coming out” cake grew by 2.5x and “coming out party” was 67% and “the coming out photoshoot” grew by 44%.

Pinners are looking for creative ways to make this moment special, personal and unique.

Gen Z has been known to challenge societal norms around gender.

Gen Z increasingly turned to Pinterest to explore their identity and connect with themselves. Exploring identity isn’t limited to new fashion styles and showing life goals. They express their pride in various sexual orientations through art and flags.

Pinterest’s mission is to provide everyone a platform where they create a life they love. It’s easier to feel inspired when you properly represented.

Pinners will be able to self-select their pronoun(s) and add it to their profile in the coming weeks. Pinner and business accounts can select from various sets of pronouns in their settings. Their selected pronouns will show up on their profile, next to their username, which allows Pinners to self-identify and express who they are and helps build an even more inclusive experience on Pinterest.

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