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Pinterest highlights new resources to help businesses magnify their pin presence

Like all social platforms, Pinterest has seen a big surge in usage amid the COVID-19 lockdowns. But in variance to others, Pinterest is specifically seeing increased shopping activity in its app, which could make it a more important platform for brands looking to maintain business activity, and offset some of the losses caused by the shutdown of physical outlets.

But making the most of Pinterest isn't necessarily easy. You need to understand the platform, how people use it, what they respond best to, and how to creatively frame your products to catch people's eye in Pin feeds. With fewer users than Instagram and Facebook, business owners also aren't necessarily as familiar with Pinterest best practices - so while a lot of SMBs in particular might be looking at the stats and considering the possibilities, learning a new platform can be a little overwhelming, particularly at this time.

To help with this, Pinterest has this week provided a new overview of its latest resource additions to help SMBs make better use of Pins, while also flagging new education tools and reference material that businesses will be able to use to learn the ropes, and improve their Pin presence.

First off, Pinterest recently announced the expansion of its Pinterest Partner program, which includes the addition of several creative content tools into its suite of official assistance providers.

As explained by Pinterest:

"To help make it easier for creators and SMBs to identify trusted creative specialty partners, we’re adding Adobe Spark, Over, PicMonkey and Canva to the Pinterest Partners program. These are trusted services for tools like creating, designing, editing and publishing Pins from business accounts. These partners have been carefully vetted and have proven track records and are experts in maintaining Pinterest best practices in their content development."

Working with these partners will give more businesses access to in-depth platform expertize, and tools specifically aligned with key Pin formats - which could be a great way to establish a more effective Pin approach for your brand.

In addition to this, Pinterest is also looking to provide more tips via its Pinterest Creators initiative, which showcases some of the best ways to utilize Pins to connect.

Pinterest is also launching a new online support community for Pinners, which will include 'self-paced education for business accounts', while it's also expanding its Pinterest Academy learning resource, which was initially launched last October, in order to provide more insight for businesses looking to improve their efforts.

For many, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been the key focus of their social media marketing efforts, with Pinterest getting less consideration due to its relative popularity. But with more than 330 million active users, the platform is now on equal footing in many respects, and is likely worthy of another look, particularly given its increased shopping focus and relative popularity amid COVID-19. 

It does take a moment to get your head around the different elements and considerations of the platform, but it may well be worth the effort - at the least, it's probably worth downloading the app and spending some time with it each day to get a better understanding of what's on offer, and its potential fit to your efforts.

You can read more about Pinterest's developing education and assistance resources here.

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