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  • Meerelle Cruz

Pinterest Has Launched A Mental Health Support Project Called "Pinterest Havens"

This Sunday, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day, and to commemorate the event, Pinterest is establishing "an anti-burnout oasis" with a new project called "Pinterest Havens: Invest in Rest." Pinterest Havens is a Pinterest board that aims to help users "explore the relationship between mental health and rest." It's not a Minecraft biome or a new Metaverse location.

From gratitude journal prompts to goodnight affirmations to ideas for a mental reset, The Haven features a collection of Idea Pins about rest from Creators all around the world. Pinterest is encouraging everyone, even those in the advertising profession, to join in and take some time for themselves in recognition of World Mental Health Day.

Pinterest Havens, as seen in the image above, offers a variety of mental health suggestions and workout routines, inviting Pinners to take a minute out of their day to relax and unwind. Which, amid COVID-19's varied effects, we could all probably need right now. Pinners, in particular, have been on the lookout for some respite. The platform has seen a surge in searches for "Sunday reset routine" (+7x) and "de-stressing suggestions" (+12x), among other mental health-related questions, throughout 2021.

Pinterest is also planning to expand its Havens concept beyond the platform, with a new Havens installation in the real world. "Havens: Invest in Rest," a site-specific installation organized by local artist Dwight White and located in Boxville on Chicago's South Side, is dedicated to bringing the anti-burnout oasis to life through real-life Pins and community programming. As part of its broader wellbeing funding promise, Pinterest will also grant $80,000 to three Chicago groups dedicated to aiding the local community.

Pinterest's Havens program is the latest in a series of initiatives aimed at providing mental health support and consideration. One of the platform's most important initiatives on this front has been its self-care program, which offers brief exercises to aid Pinners dealing with mental health difficulties, as well as direct linkages to professional treatment if necessary.

When users search for terms like "stress quotes" or "work anxiety," the resources appear, which can help users find important aid measures in times of need. And, as we've seen with the recent discoveries regarding Instagram's influence on young users' mental health, this is an important issue for social media platforms to focus on.

It may not appear to be a significant addition, but even a minor update delivered at the appropriate time can have a significant impact. For further information, go to the Pinterest Havens board.

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