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Pinterest Extends In-App Shopping Tools to More Regions

Pinterest shopping is now available to even more users in Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland, following the expansion of its in-app purchasing functionality to four more areas in June.

Pinterest's in-app shopping options, as seen here, create a direct link between Pin content and product purchase options, making it easier to convert Pinners from exploring to purchasing directly from the app.

Shopping on Pins is yielding significant results for the company, as more people turn to online sources for browsing and purchasing. By allowing more brands to advertise their products on Pins, the platform will be able to grow its product inventory and boost shopping activity.

Pinterest's shopping tools were originally introduced in the United States, and then in September of last year, they were expanded to the United Kingdom. Eight months later, it expanded Pinterest shopping to Australia, Canada, France, and Germany, bringing the total number of countries with full access to the platform's shopping services to thirteen.

This is a significant development. Pinterest has been working to reposition itself as a "discovery platform" with an emphasis on artisan products, effectively transforming into a digital shopping mall, with growing product experiences and promotion tools assisting businesses in connecting with potential customers and maximizing interest.

Pinterest's popularity soared last year as a result of the eCommerce boom, but it has since leveled off in 2021. However, it demonstrates where the platform is going in terms of aligning with rising online purchasing trends by allowing for more in-app interaction and spending.

Brazil and Mexico, in particular, may provide substantial potential in this regard. Pinterest built offices in both countries earlier this year, hoping to capitalize on growing local interest and integrate with new digital behaviors in emerging economies.

In truth, all of Pinterest's user growth in the last year has come from outside the United States, so it makes sense for the platform to spread its services to other regions as it tries to influence user behavior and engagement.

Will this be enough to compensate for potential losses if people return to purchasing in-store in the aftermath of the pandemic?

Despite lower user counts than the prior period, the platform recorded a 125% increase in YoY revenue intake in its most recent performance update.

So, even if total usage drops, Pinterest is obviously directing more shopping behavior and spending, which speaks well for its future. It's also interesting to note that the largest portion of Pinterest's revenue still originates from the United States, implying that it has a lot more room for growth in other areas with higher usage growth.

In any case, it adds another factor to consider in your marketing efforts, which could help you boost direct conversions from the app.

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