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Pinterest Expands Product Display Options and Updates Its Shopping API

With the aim of expanding its in-stream shopping options, Pinterest rolls out several new commerce capabilities, including Product Tagging for Pins, a Shop Tab on Business Profiles, and a new 'API for Shopping' to enable businesses to connect and integrate more easily.

To start, when it comes to product tagging, Pinterest is introducing a new kind of tagging within Pins that will give more detailed product information to each item within a frame.

According to Pinterest:

“With product tagging, merchants can add products from their catalog to their scene images. Pinners can easily shop for the exact items they love from the inspiring imagery they find.”

In other words, it functions similarly to the product tags you can use right now, but it links only to the goods in a retailer's catalog.

This might make it simpler to highlight particular goods and direct people toward making purchases. According to Pinterest, in preliminary research, Pinners displayed a 70% higher level of purchase intent for products tagged in scene/brand photographs than for independent products.

Additionally, Pinterest is now allowing video in its product catalog listings.

As seen here, the update will provide you more room to exhibit your products in your Pin display, which may give customers a better notion of how the item will actually appear.

Earlier this year, Pinterest added "AR Try On for Home Décor," which employs AR to accomplish a similar objective by giving more detailed information about how a product appears in real life. Such additions can strengthen the eCommerce process by adding crucial context and assisting consumer decision-making.

In order to further highlight the products offered by your company, Pinterest is now providing a new "Shop" tab to business profiles.

“With the new Shop Tab on Business Profile, merchants can easily display shoppable products to browsing Pinners. This new feature is a high-intent shopping surface, and in fact, 30% of Shopify merchants on Pinterest get their first attributed checkout from their Shop tab.”

While you have always been able to display your products in Pins, this option offers a dedicated storefront, giving you more options for how to promote and display your products within the app.

Furthermore, Pinterest is announcing the release of its new Pinterest API for Shopping.

“Pinterest is extending its investments in shopping and measurement features, including catalog and product metadata management, to enable more efficient improved data quality for merchant products. The Pinterest API for Shopping has been shown to lead to a 97% accuracy level for price and availability data.”

It will be simpler to guarantee that the right product information is always presented in your product Pins thanks to the dedicated shopping API, which will fundamentally formalize connections between Pinterest and stores.

Since your product database and your Pinterest listings will be directly connected, the procedure will effectively be automatic, ensuring that any changes to the inventory or pricing are quickly reflected in your Pins.

Pinterest is making a conscious effort to make use of its potential following a year of varied outcomes in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Pinterest had a sharp increase in popularity during the COVID lockdowns and in many ways replaced traditional shopping malls. However, as actual stores have resumed operations, Pin interest has dropped, causing the company to lose 45 million active users.

As you can see, though, those numbers may be beginning to level off, and with active Pinners coming to the platform with purchase intentions, there is a lot of potential for using Pins as a way to engage with potential consumers and capitalize on search interest in the app.

Such shopping-related improvements will increase that capability and could be very helpful for people who want to get the most out of their Pin performance.

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