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Pinterest Discloses Gift Trends Based on Increasing Search Volume

Pinterest wants to help you plan your holiday shopping with some new insights into the platform's emerging gift trends, which include fashion, beauty, and gadget searches that are gaining steam. Pinterest's main focus is fashion and beauty, and the data indicates that 'fairy grunge' is the trend this year.

"Gen Z is all about aesthetics - For the holidays, fairy grunge (362x) is trending among Gen Z, which incorporates whimsical features like beaded necklaces and gothic fashions."

So, what exactly does ‘fairy grunge' entail?

Black platform boots, as well as searches for 'Goblincore sweater,' are on the upswing, according to Pinterest.

Pinterest also reveals that searches for 'cozy sweater vests' and silky room wear are growing in popularity. It appears that the WFH trend is making its way into popular fashion — or at the very least, individuals are looking to make their homes even more comfortable.

Meanwhile, Gen X is interested in higher-end fashion items, with searches for 'luxury handbags' up 4x over average volume and searches for 'Men's luxury watches' up 3x. Given the capabilities of the Apple Watch and kindred gadgets, as well as the upcoming next generation of smartwatches with even more features, I'm not sure why anyone would buy a premium watch. However, as a flex, some of these do appear to be rather spectacular.

On the other hand, Baby Boomers are looking for "faux leather skirts" and "vintage gold jewelry."

So that's a start.

In terms of beauty trends, younger customers are looking for nostalgic 70's makeup (39x), while Millennials are looking for make-up inspiration in soft glam' (41x).

Men's beard styles are also available (3x)

This year, Gen Z is drawn to the 'earthy aesthetic,' while Millennials are drawn to 'cozy farmhouse themes' (200x).

Among Gen X, 'minimalist décor' is the important trend to watch, while Boomers choose 'eclectic but vintage styles' for interior design inspiration. Finally, Pinterest reports a 45 percent increase in interest in tech products overall, with 'amazing gaming rooms' and 'home gadgets' among the top risers.

These are some intriguing observations, and given Pinterest's concentration on product discovery and shopping, these trends are likely to reflect larger consumer preferences, which could provide inspiration for your holiday marketing efforts. Pinterest, with 444 million active users, is also a key driver of product discovery and purchase activity, which is worth considering if your products fit into these key niches and trends.

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