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Pinterest Adds New Shopping Options to Boost eCommerce Potential

In case you hadn't heard, Pinterest is not a social network. That was the statement made by Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann back in 2016, in since then, the platform has gradually rolled out more and more tools which further align with its mission to become a product discovery and eCommerce engine, a shift that has not only helped distance itself from Facebook in the social space, but has also better defined the app's unique fit in an ever-crowded app market.

This week, Pinterest has announced some more tools on this front, along with a more clarified mission statement of sorts:

"When you see something on Pinterest you’d like to own you should be able to buy it, or something just like it that matches your unique style. That’s our vision for shopping with Pinterest."

Catering to this, Pinterest is rolling out three new updates, aligned with on-platform shopping.

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