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  • Ruth Raima Servida

PastBook Meets IOS

A web-to-print photobook service startup, PastBook from Amsterdam is bringing their service to IOS starting today, June 29!

With the help of an effective AI integration, this new service looks and feels similar to something Google would come up with.

Today's technology are making most of our files kept in digital folders, with our photos as no exceptions, but still there's nothing to beat the nostalgic chills when someone holds a photo album, or physical prints of one's own arts.

Now, with PastBook's aid and their AI, the company is offering simple solutions that would work with iPhone's great cameras, AI and software.

PastBook's application includes features such as asking for specific dates and location to sort out through every image and select the best shot out of them all, narrowing your number of files to lesser number. It also caters image editing and collage layouts that would reflect your style in an instant.

For a free app, PastBook will surely gather the attention of many IOS users as the app itself isn't complex at all. We love easy navigation, right?

You can check out Pastbook’s website to check more information about them.

Download PastBook for IOS here.

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