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Nextdoor Releases an Updated Ads Platform for Small Businesses

Nextdoor recently announced the expansion of its self-serve ads platform, which will allow more small businesses to connect with their audience through in-app advertising.

This update could be of value, especially for those interested in expanding to local markets.

According to Nextdoor:

“Nextdoor Ads is an easy-to-use expansion of Nextdoor’s proprietary self-serve campaign management platform, designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) advertise on Nextdoor. By providing a guided experience for creating and managing effective ads on Nextdoor, Nextdoor Ads empowers SMBs to build stronger brands with local audiences, turn neighbors into customers, and grow their business through advertising on the neighborhood network.”

Nextdoor has long provided a variety of ad alternatives, but this new platform is intended to make it simpler for businesses to log in, create, and launch a Nextdoor ad campaign all in one area, complete with streamlined creation and performance analytics.

Though Nextdoor's worth in digital marketing strategy seems to be filled with uncertainty, there's still some value to be had, considering the volatile market associated with social media marketing.

As per Nextdoor, about one-third of all US homes use the app, and the majority of its users have become more eager to support local businesses.

“Pre-pandemic, 88% of [Nextdoor users] frequented a local business at least once a week. Now, 72% of U.S. adults are making it more of a priority to support local businesses compared to before the pandemic. Nextdoor users also love to spread the word - they’ve already shared over 55 million local business recommendations on the Nextdoor platform.”

While Nextdoor does not have the same worldwide reach as Facebook or Instagram, it does have a sizable following of specific, engaged communities. Also, it has witnessed a revival as a result of the pandemic, as more individuals have sought to connect with and help others in their neighborhood.

In the following weeks, Nextdoor's new advertisements platform will go live in the United States.

To start a Nextdoor campaign, users must first create a business account.

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