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New Updates For Improved Tweetdeck Twitter

Twitter has announced upgrades for Tweetdeck, which is still in invite-only mode but appears ready to become more freely available fairly soon, following the release of a test of its new and better version in July.

To begin with, Twitter has reintroduced the DM column, giving you yet another option to keep track of your numerous tweet exchanges.

“View, manage and send Direct Messages in the TweetDeck Preview in one or more columns. Better yet, create a Deck to manage all of your DMs and group chats.”

The ability to handle DMs together with your tweets has always been a useful feature, and the enhanced display in the new Tweetdeck, together with its revised ‘Decks,' will guarantee that social media managers can make the most of it.

Twitter is also working to improve its real-time monitoring capabilities; now, all columns will auto-refresh, making it easier to stay on top of the latest news.

In the TweetDeck Preview panel, Twitter recently provided the ability to add an existing account and move between different accounts.

If you want to add an existing account, this option offers additional capacity for handling your updates.

  • Click your profile icon

  • Select “Add an existing account”

  • After you've added your account(s), you can switch between them by clicking your profile icon and then the profile icon(s) of the accounts you've added

It's also easier to get to the top of the column (look for the “Scroll to Top” and “See new Tweets” prompts at the top), and there's now an undo option if you accidentally erase a column from your display.

Furthermore, Twitter has improved its mouse and scrollbar functionality, allowing for easier on-screen navigation.

None of these changes are revolutionary, and regular TweetDeck users will notice that many of these features have been accessible in some form or another on TweetDeck for quite some time. However, as Twitter continues to work on a broader revamp of the TweetDeck app, these new and better options will help to maximize functionality.

As previously stated, the new version of TweetDeck is now in testing stage, with Twitter planning to open it up to the general public soon.

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