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New Trend Insights in Facebook Creator Studio Could Help You Shape Your Posting Strategy

With the launch of a new 'Inspiration Hub' element in Creator Studio, Facebook hopes to deliver more content insight by showcasing trending topics and hashtags under categories connected to your business Page.

Once it's available, you'll be able to visit the new Inspiration Hub from the Home tab in Creator Studio, as shown in these photos supplied by social media expert Matt Navarra.

The first of the new insights is shown above a 'See more' prompt on the right side of the page, featuring trending hashtags and videos from the previous 24 hours, published by Pages similar to yours.

When you visit the new hub, you'll be able to use a variety of additional criteria to find trending material from around Facebook, such as Page category, content type, region, and more.

This could be quite useful in determining what Facebook users respond to and how people in your target market interact with the platform.

Within your specified timeframe, the Hub also gives insights into trending hashtags, which may help you delve into trending conversations even more.

Although the value of hashtags on Facebook is still debatable, you'll notice that you can filter the given results by platform, which means you can also see Instagram hashtag trends, which might be very useful in increasing your reach.

Most of this data has been available via CrowdTangle, Facebook's analytics platform for journalists, but not everyone has access to CrowdTangle data, making this an even more compelling offer for many marketers.

However, total performance is mostly determined by your own creativity and consideration of the action you want your readers to take after reading your postings. However, these tools and filters can provide a lot of information on new content trends, such as hashtag usage, caption length, video versus image posts, and more.

It's certainly a huge analytical addition, and Facebook has been reached out for more information on the new option's deployment, as well as whether it's already out of beta. When we receive new info from them, we'll update this post.

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