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New Study Shows LinkedIn Users Are Annoyed by Unsolicited DMs

Last week, a LinkedIn audience poll was conducted to get an idea of ​​what annoys people most on the platform, and the results show that 'Junk Messages' is the clear winner.

With over 5k combined comments, this is quite an indication, and it seems like you should really reassess your use of blind DMs.

The most annoying DM uses were unsolicited product presentations, unwanted DMs from people who want to use LinkedIn as a dating site, and people who message you within seconds of connecting to sell stuff.

Some salespeople will have success with these efforts, but the evidence here suggests that these efforts are generally unpopular, and you're probably better off building a relationship before the pitch.

So it's better to participate in user posts first, post in relevant communities and work to make your presence known to those you want to sell to.

That definitely takes more time and effort, but if we can tell anything from these polls, it's that people don't want random invasions in their inboxes.

If you want to build a business relationship, it is better to focus on the 'relationship' element before selling, otherwise you may be perceived as pushy, inconsiderate or annoying.

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