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  • Meerelle Cruz

New Study Examines The Most Effective LinkedIn Post Types

LinkedIn is currently experiencing record levels of engagement, and this trend is expected to continue as we go into the next stage of the pandemic recovery and economic activity picks up. Many businesses have taken notice, and are now aiming to focus more on the professional social network.

Socialinsider recently partnered with Cloud Campaign to gain even more insight into this, examining over 141, 000 LinkedIn posts from over 1,000 LinkedIn corporate pages to determine which formats are getting the highest reaction.

Do you know what’s their most important discovery? Native documents produce 3x more clicks than any other sort of material, such as postings made up entirely of PDFs posted directly to LinkedIn. Many users have been using this format as a kind of native LinkedIn carousel post, with each PDF submitted appearing in its swipeable display.

You can see the graphic below for a summary of their findings, or read the full report here.

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