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New research highlights the latest Facebook ad performance trends

While organic posts keep your audience connected to your social media pages, ads can help to ensure that your business accounts continue to grow, and your key messages get highlighted.

But the results of your ad efforts will ultimately be defined by your ad settings and targeting - defining the best campaign objectives, and selecting the right channels for where your promotions will run, makes all the difference.

So which is best for your next Facebook ad campaign - sponsored feed posts, Instagram ads, Audience Network promotions, Messenger outreach? 

And then, how can you maximize your spend to improve your click-through rates? 

That's where this new research comes in. Recently, the team from Socialinsider analyzed more than 250k social media ads, from 3,887 ad accounts. They've incorporated their key findings into the below infographic, which may help you in mapping out your next campaign.

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