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New Report Outlines TikTok’s Growing Value as a Promotional Tool for SMBs

Although Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform for SMB marketing, TikTok is now gaining popularity in this area as more businesses turn to the hottest app of the moment to extend their reach.

This comes from a recent study conducted by SMB support provider Hello Alice, which polled over 7,000 small business owners to learn more about how they'll handle marketing in 2022.

To begin with, as previously said, the survey examined which social channels businesses are now utilizing for marketing and outreach, which appears to be relatively standard.

Facebook and Instagram are still the most popular social media networks, followed by TikTok and Snapchat. Twitter isn't listed, but it doesn't appear to have been referenced in the poll, thus it's only relevant to the five platforms shown.

The research also looked at how small businesses are gaining exposure on each platform, with Instagram emerging as the greatest method for organic promotion.

Individual outcomes may vary, but IG's reach and engagement potential remain valuable, even if it has become increasingly congested in recent months.

However, TikTok is certainly on the upswing, and respondents said that TikTok is the best app for creative expression and storytelling.

TikTok is also making waves, with more small businesses adopting it as a result of past brand interactions.

Matter of fact, 58 percent of those who have used TikTok for marketing said the platform has had a good impact on their businesses, and 78 percent expect to raise their TikTok marketing investment.

Another important consideration is that TikTok is encouraging new creative uses of social media.

There are some useful points here – nothing too shocking, but it's intriguing to see how TikTok is transforming marketing tactics, not just as a growing, popular platform, but also in terms of creativity and redefining how brands think about their initiatives.

With predictions that TikTok will reach 1.5 billion users this year and user behaviors shifting as a result of TikTok interaction, all businesses should at the very least be thinking about short-form content and how TikTok may assist them in engaging with their intended audience.

The complete Hello Alice SMB digital marketing report can be seen here.

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