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New Report Looks at Optimal Facebook Posting Practices in 2019

We're now a year on from Facebook's major News Feed re-focus, which aimed to put more emphasis on personal engagement, while conversely reducing Page post reach. And definitely, the impacts of that change have been felt - while organic Page reach has been in decline for some years, most businesses reported significant declines in Facebook referral traffic over 2018. And while the key "solution" is to reduce your reliance on Facebook, given the network's size and potential reach, for many, that's easier said than done - the benefits, if you can get it right, are too much to ignore.

But getting it right is the real trick - what works best for maximizing Facebook performance in 2019?

That's the key question behind BuzzSumo's latest report - the team from BuzzSumo analyzed 777 million Page posts from 2018 in order to determine the optimal post length, post type and posting times, among other factors, that can help boost your on-platform performance.

Here's an overview of the key findings.

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