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  • Meerelle Cruz

New 'Quick Access' Links for Your Most Viewed Pages and Profiles Have Been Added to Facebook

Do you have any social media profiles that you visit daily just to see what's new?

You know who they are: that ex-boyfriend who now tweets extreme conspiracy ideas, that dreaded former schoolteacher, former bosses, or coworkers that you don't necessarily wish well. Everyone has one or two, and Facebook is making it a bit easier to check in on them with the new 'Quick Access' tabs in Search, which showcase your most frequently searched profiles, Pages, and functions in the app.

Over the weekend, Facebook began testing the new Quick Access tabs, which appear along the top of the Search panel, above your 'Recent Searches,' as shown in this image uploaded by Radu Onescu (and shared by Matt Navarra). Of course, this isn't a huge time saver because you can easily search for anything you're looking for using keywords in the query box, and you can even touch on your most recent searches to re-query them. However, it does make it a little easier to quickly access those accounts that you usually check in on - which are almost certainly people and/or pages that you don't follow because their postings would already appear in your main feed.

This suggests you're most likely checking in on them for reasons other than keeping up with friends. In a more worrisome application, putting these easy access points right at the top of the screen, in the most prominent location in Search, could aid in encouraging Facebook stalking by pushing you to keep tabs on people outside of your connections. Facebook has several privacy tools that users can employ to protect themselves. But, except browsing about on the profiles of individuals and Pages you don't follow regularly, I'm not sure I see any major use-case for these additional tabs.

In any case, it's a modest feature that doesn't appear to add anything to the process. It could also be used to enable users to rapidly access Facebook services, in addition to their most searched accounts, as shown in the image above. It could also be used to help users remain in contact with Pages they're considering following, keeping them top of mind, with a logo included for branding.

It is unlikely to have a significant impact on user behavior, but it may make it easier for users to keep track of critical elements and even Pages. Some Facebook users have access to the new test, but there is no information on a wider rollout at this time.

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