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  • Farah Jane Aujero

New Pinterest Office in Mexico City

Pinterest is reaching another milestone as it opens a new office in Mexico City.

The platform aims to find an opportunity for businesses to connect with this audience when they’re considering what to do or buy. With an office and Mexico City based Sales team, Pinterest will be able to work more closely with businesses in Mexico and the Hispanic Latin America across industries such as retail, home, food, fashion, beauty, and tech.

According to Pinterest, Mexico office will be the very first engineering hub in Latin America. As part of investment in scaling global resources, they plan to hire 50 local talents to grow the business around the world. It includes engineering and sales roles.

"We believe the only way we can build a product that people use all over the world is if it has worldly perspectives at the table - both at the technological level and the human level. When tech work is more accessible to people from a range of backgrounds and geographies, we believe we can build consumer products that are more inclusive of everyone. This mindset is driving the expansion of engineering to new geographies such as Mexico City."

When it comes to technology expertise, Mexico City has a strong talent pool of engineers particularly in backend and Android skillsets, and with the world class computer science program at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) this pool will continue to increase. The team will comprise all types of engineers including, internal tooling, frontend engineering for iOS, Android, and Web as well as Pinterest’s human evaluation platform to be used for both Trust & Safety, and to label data for machine learning algorithms.

As Pinterest active users now reaches to 478 million, with the vast majority outside the US, it is time to double-down on these key adoption areas, and boost its business offerings.

The growth of operation in Latin America started in 2014 after the opening of the office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This will be the second office in Latin America,with Argentina, Colombia and Chile to follow soon.

To this day, Pinterest has international offices in Germany, Ireland, the UK, France, Brazil and Japan, which have also seen significant usage growth as a result of having a local presence.

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