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  • Alexander Yap

New 'Dark Mode' for LinkedIn on Desktop App

Though a little behind the times, LinkedIn is now testing a new 'Dark Mode' feature for its desktop app. It would make the app much darker and have a dominant black color, as opposed to its current look, which has a significant white background.

An example of what the new feature on LinkedIn would look like, posted by Jane Manchun Wong.

Multiple apps nowadays have a 'Dark Mode' option, which makes one wonder, why did it take so long for LinkedIn to climb on the bandwagon? After all, a lot of users prefer this, may it be to help their vision against the negative effects of blue light, or simply just have their apps look "more aesthetic."

Apparently, LinkedIn did test this feature back in 2019, but no one knows exactly why they didn't go through with it. Nonetheless, I'm sure a lot of their users, like me, are eagerly awaiting for the day that this new option will become available. Are you one of us?

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