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  • Ruth Raima Servida


Despite of the scale of your business, may it be big or small, marketing strategies are one of the wings that will help you to be successfully flying in the market, especially these days where almost every single day, a new brand makes their way in.

But what is an effective marketing strategy you might ask. When your buyers understand your brand, comes back as a regular customer, knows the difference and uniqueness of your products than others and recommends your brand to other people, we can call what you’re doing in promoting your product effective and great.

To achieve this, knowing your target market, adjusting to their behaviors in order to get their attention more is a must. Not to mention a good impression and image of your brand helps as well.

First in the list, which is very common these days is influencer marketing which makes more noise or could gather more audience and possible buyers through social media sites. Famous for this is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and more where a one video clip from a famous influencer good boost your sales in just one night. It is good to search up for influencers that are actually engaging with your target market as it will be easy as ABCs to get customers from it. Once you have set your eyes on a particular influencer, make a fair, clear deal with organized results to build up a good partnership with your desired influencer.

Second, try running some contests or giveaways on social media. Even big companies are still doing this strategy where the easiest way to enter is to follow the brand’s social media accounts, hit some like or reaction buttons, repost, retweet, comment in which brands would get more investments and bigger audience while just giving away some sample products or normal ones. With these, new followers will be seeing and learn more of your product, which is also a good strategy to broaden up your audience.

Thirdly, set up loyalty program. Buyers coming back for your product would eventually search for the so called “loyalty perks” such as discounted products, shipping fees, freebies, etc. Set up a budget that won’t hurt your finance, base it on the quantity of your loyal customers and start building your program from there. Famous example of this is some café and milktea shops that offer loyalty cards on their customers, making their 10th drink come with a free one, brilliant, right?

Fourth and lastly, email marketing will never get old. From a report, 76% of email subscribers said that they make purchases because of email marketing. This is why newsletters in every brand still exist. Enticing signed up customers for new products, vouchers, anniversary sales, etc.

Remember, product promotion is a vital part of your brand’s marketing strategy. If done greatly and maintained well, you’ll see how big these would help your brand to grow progressively in time. Try to venture, mix strategies of even create your own combinations from the ones listed above. Be creative!

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