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Meta’s NPE Group Releases New App Focused on Managing To-Do Lists

Meta's New Product Experimentation (NPE) team has released yet another app experiment; the 'Move' app designed to help organize group tasks, and with in-app rewards for partakers.

According to NPE:

“Get more done with friends. Manage your personal and group to-do lists with Move Tasks App. Check off tasks as you finish them and get a first-hand look into what your group is doing (and not doing)! Getting stuff done earns you points to drip out your Alpaca Avatar and show who's REALLY productive.”

Move is an app that focuses on alpaca avatars.

Each user can design their own alpaca through colors and accessories such as sunglasses, beanies and hats. To-do lists can be kept in the app, which can be used for both personal and group activities.

Users can add each other to to-do lists, request updates, remind each other about tasks, and message each other in the app.

It is essentially a Project Management app where you can assign tasks within a group but without the threat of being fired for not cooperating with the only impact being a less developed alpaca in the app.

It is currently unknown whether Move is an idea of Meta itself or of a startup that is supported.

Last December, NPE announced that it is experimenting with fledgling teams that share their mission. They already made some investments last year and then NPE indicated that they want to work with more startups that are moving into the start-up phase and series A.

While the latest large-scale trends may drive app adoption, there are many areas where new use cases and functionalities are developing, which may not have the same broad appeal but could lead to significant new shifts.

Meta hopes this approach will help it enter new niches in new markets.

The release will be NPE's 14th app experiment, with all but two apps closing now or soon to be closed in the coming weeks.

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