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Meta Releases New Instagram Age Verification and AI Sound Models for Virtual Experiences

Meta's updated age-verification system now offers users two additional options, and the new AI models are intended to make virtual reality experiences' feel more authentic.

The next AR and VR experiences on Meta would incorporate the AI models. Additionally, those who attempted to change their age on Instagram would have to select one of the two choices for age verification.

Instagram's Age Verification

Instagram has teamed with Yoti, a company that excels in privacy-preserving methods of age verification, to test out new methods of checking the users' age on the platform and enabling content that is appropriate for users of a certain age.

People will soon be able to employ technology that can verify their age based on a video selfie in addition to producing an ID and asking others to attest to their age. The new age verification options will be introduced first in the United States.

Users who want to change their Instagram date of birth from under the age of 18 to over 18 will have to prove their age by uploading a copy of their ID, taking a video selfie, or asking a friend who knows them to confirm their age.

Users will still be able to submit identification documents like a driver's license or ID card to prove their age. Instagram will verify the age using the ID.

According to the company, the ID will be saved on its servers and removed after 30 days. Instagram also employs AI to check users' ages and determine if they are adults or teenagers.

Users have the option to submit a video selfie in addition to uploading their ID to confirm their age. Users who select this option will see on-screen tutorials to help them.

The platform sends Yoti a copy of the video selfie that was taken. Based on facial characteristics, Yoti's algorithm determines an individual's age and shares that assessment.

Users can request age confirmation from one another's followers by using the "Social Vouching" option. The individual vouching must be at least 18 years old, cannot be vouching at the same time for anyone else, and must adhere to other regulations.

A request for age verification will be sent to the three people users choose to stand in for them, and they will have three days to answer.

A.I. Models

To improve the audio realism of mixed and virtual reality experiences, Meta has developed three new artificial intelligence (AI) models: Visual-Acoustic Matching, Visually-Informed Dereverberation, and VisualVoice.

Acoustics affect how sound is perceived in the metaverse, and according to Meta, AI will be essential for producing realistic sound quality.

Researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and audio specialists from the Meta Reality Labs team developed the models in cooperation with researchers from the University of Texas in Austin.

These models concentrate on the human voice and other sounds in the film and are intended to move users more quickly toward an immersive experience.

All three models are connected to the audio-visual perception study in AI. In the future, according to Meta, people will be able to put on augmented reality (AR) glasses and relive holographic memories that appear and sound exactly as they did from their point of view.

They will also be able to play games in virtual worlds where they will be fully immersed in both the graphics and sounds.

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