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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Meta Releases New Insights into Emerging World Cup Discussion on its Platforms

This year's FIFA World Cup will take place in November, so news about soccer (or "football" depending on where you live) will be all over your social media feeds during that time.

The buildup to the tournament, including the qualifiers and other announcements, will also generate a lot of buzz in the months ahead.

Because of this, Meta is attempting to assist marketers in capitalizing on the excitement by providing a new overview of how businesses may "build their brands" through the World Cup and participate in the surrounding conversation.

Meta is unable to directly mention the World Cup due to commercial considerations. As seen in the infographic below, Meta's applications have offered a variety of statistics and insights into the athletic conversation in general without focusing on specific event vocabulary.

But the World Cup is the focus of this, and the information below may help you develop a more successful approach to capitalize on sporting conversation and strengthen your brand messaging.

Meta's complete 'Building Your Brand Through Sports' guide may be downloaded here.

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