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Meta Releases New Ads and Messaging Tools

Meta launched new tools for businesses to manage discussions and ads in honor of National Small Business Week. In addition, they offered New Ads & Messaging capabilities to provide new opportunities to generate leads and convey more information about their business.

With the new tools currently being rolled out, businesses can now link their Facebook and Instagram ads straight to their WhatsApp Chats.

Several businesses are discovering that this is the most effective strategy to attract new clients and initiate a dialogue.

Businesses will also soon be able to produce full ads directly from the WhatsApp Business app. This helps assure that small businesses can find new clients more quickly and easily.

Meta Business Suite updates

Meta also unveiled two new work-in-progress Meta Business Suite features.

  • WhatsApp comes to inbox: Meta has decided to bring WhatsApp to the inbox to save businesses time and boost productivity. With testing currently underway, businesses may now manage their Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct communications from the same WhatsApp number. Meta will keep the public informed while they continue to test and learn the new update.

  • Marketing messages: Meta Business Suite has begun testing new functionality that will enable businesses to send promotional messaging campaigns via Messenger to consumers who opt-in, helping small businesses generate more sales and secure customer loyalty. If the consumer opts in, the company can send them notifications about impending projects to keep them informed about the company's future initiatives.

Customer Acquisition and Lead Generation Tools

Meta releases new tools to help enhance end-to-end management of lead generation, some of which are as follows:

  • Quote request on Instagram: This new feature, which is currently being tested on a small number of business profiles, lets businesses add a "Get Quote" button to their Instagram profile and use "Get Quote" stickers in Stories. Businesses can use these new tools to create customized inquiries to ask clients before starting a dialogue.

  • Lead filtering with Instant Forms: With Lead Ads Instant Forms, businesses will finally be able to follow the most potential leads. Multiple-choice responses can be used to screen out leads who aren't a good match.

  • Creative flexibility: Meta is developing a more flexible and patronizable Instant Form, which allows businesses to add graphics and content to the form in order to provide more visual information about their brand and cultivate people's interest.

  • Gated content: Businesses will be able to deliver special, relevant content to users who finish the Lead Ads Instant Form and also give content such as brochures or product prices without having to reroute to their websites.

  • Partner integrations: Businesses will now have the option to download lead information directly into their CRM, making it easy to follow up with prospective clients.

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