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  • MaryGrace Lerin

Meta Releases a New Guide to its Apps' Security and Control Options

Meta has released a new set of safety advice for journalists to assist them defend themselves in the growing online connection environment, which, for the most part, also apply to all users more widely. It also provides a detailed outline of the many tools and processes it has in place to help individuals avoid scrutiny online.

The 32-page guide, which is accessible in 21 languages, gives a full explanation of Meta's systems and profile choices for protection and security, with parts dedicated to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The guide starts with the fundamentals, such as password security and setting two-factor authentication.

It also includes suggestions for Page managers on how to secure their business profiles, as well as information on what to do if you've been hacked, how to protect yourself on Messenger, and how to deal with bullying and harassment.

There are also basic security guidelines for Instagram, as well as information on its comment moderation features.

There are also instructions on how to delete messages, remove messages from group conversations, and info about platform-specific data choices for WhatsApp.

For further information, there are links to a variety of extra resource guides and tools that provide in-depth explanations of when and how to implement the different options.

While there are some journalist-specific aspects in the guide, the majority of the tips are applicable to any user, so it might be a useful resource for anybody trying to better understand their different privacy tools and options.

In any case, it's certainly worth reading - the complete guide is available for download here.

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