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  • Meerelle Cruz

Meta Q1 2022 Reports 8% Year Over Year Decrease In The Average Price Per Ad

The Meta Q1 2022 Report shows active utilization of Meta-owned apps, the network's revenue generation status, and the impact of headwinds on advertising revenue. In Q4 2021, Meta anticipates headwinds to both impression and price growth, owing to factors such as increased competition from other apps, Apple's iOS changes and their impact on ad targeting and measurement, macroeconomic factors such as inflation and supply chain disruptions affecting advertiser budgets, and foreign currency exchange rates.

The impact of these challenges may be seen in the lower ad price growth, but it hasn't had a significant impact on ad impressions. In this quarter, daily active utilization has remained flat.

The following are the important takeaways from the Meta Q1 2022 report:

  • In March 2022, the average number of family daily active persons (DAP) was 2.87 billion, up 6% from the previous year.

  • As of March 31, 2022, the number of family monthly active people (MAP) was 3.64 billion, up 6% from the previous year.

  • In March 2022, Facebook's daily active users (DAUs) averaged 1.96 billion, up 4% over the previous year.

  • As of March 31, 2022, Facebook had 2.94 billion monthly active users (MAUs), up 3% year over year.

  • Ad impressions delivered across the Family of Apps climbed by 15% year over year in the first quarter of 2022, but the average price per ad declined by 8%.

  • For the first quarter of 2022, capital expenditures totaled 5.55 billion dollars, including principal payments on finance leases.

  • In the first quarter of 2022, Meta repurchased $9.39 billion in Class A common shares. Meta had 29.41 billion dollars available and approved for repurchases as of March 31, 2022.

  • As of March 31, 2022, there were 77,805 employees, up 28% over the previous year.

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