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Meta Publishes New Report into Evolving Conversation Trends and Interests

Meta released a new Cultural Trends report, covering the latest evolving conversation trends, based on billions of online posts and comments from all apps.

Meta's report is very comprehensive; with some 600,000 unique conversation topics, based on chatter among more than 3 billion users.

The report contains 15 months of conversation data and 21 months of hashtag usage and shows the rising trends and shifts that are very valuable.

As explained by Meta:

“The physical, mental and spiritual effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been profound. In our latest global foresight survey, we found that the future is not what it used to be: 37% of respondents say the pandemic has prompted them to re-evaluate their purpose and priorities in life, while 41% said that if they a redo, they would choose a different career. And 65% now expect more from work and life.”

The guide contains very important insights into the latest sub-trends within each topic and related discussions.

It also includes charts and data notes on changes and shifts over time.

Download the full report here, it’s certainly well worth reading!

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