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Meta Publishes New Gift Guide Based on Marketplace Sales And Interest

The Facebook Marketplace team has put together a new gift guide of trending items based on Marketplace sales and interest, which can give some handy pointers for budget gifting and for 'last-minute' ideas.

The new gift guide covers a range of general gift trends for men and women, kids and pets.

It's a straightforward format; there’s a display of gift ideas, based on trending items, with links to relevant search tabs on Facebook Marketplace, which could also give some interesting eCommerce insight for marketers, with additional sections as gardening trends, fashion and beauty.

This gives you a broader overview of what’s trending among consumers this year, even if it is cutting it fine for Christmas shopping.

The focus is very clearly on selling more things on Marketplace, but it could definitely help to provide more perspective as to what people are looking for this year.

Download the full Facebook Marketplace Gift Guide for 2021 here

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