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Meta Introduces New Tools and Features for Facebook Group Administrators

For Facebook Group admins, Meta has introduced a host of new features to automate management and minimize moderation workload.

A few of the tools and features released for Facebook Group admins include the option to instantly reject incoming posts classified as false information by third-party fact-checkers, help decrease misinformation, and promote the growth of their groups to reach relevant audiences.

Minimizing Misinformation

These additional features were created to assist administrators in preventing the distribution of misinformation and managing group interactions:

  • Through Admin Assist, admins gain the capability to automatically reject incoming posts that are flagged as containing false information by third-party fact-checkers before it gets displayed in the group.

  • 'Mute' has been updated to 'suspend,' allowing admins and moderators to temporarily prohibit group members and participants from posting, commenting, reacting, participating in a group chat, and creating or entering a Room.

  • Automated rejection of posts containing false information is mocked in this product.

Community Management

The new updates enable group admins to manage their communities by allowing them to:

  • Utilize Admin Assist to instantly approve or refuse member requests relying on predefined criteria, such as if the potential member has answered all member questions.

  • Admin Home has been updated to help administrators manage their groups more effectively. This includes a desktop overview page to review things that need attention, a layout update to make it easier to sort and search tasks, and a mobile insights summary to help administrators understand the growth and engagement of their groups.

  • Admin Assist product mockup

Develop Groups

The new capabilities will assist administrators in reaching out to the right people in order to grow their communities. QR codes have been introduced to make sharing groups and joining a specific community more effortless.

Admins can download or copy and paste from the Share menu and share as they see fit. Users will be connected to the group's About page after scanning the QR code, where they can join or request to join.

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