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  • Meerelle Cruz

Meta Improves Monetization Options For Reels To Reward Creators

All of the main platforms are attempting to build the most compelling creator monetization strategies to ensure that big stars continue to publish their applications. YouTube already has its Partner Scheme, which serves as a supplement to Shorts, as well as its Shorts Fund, and TikTok just took its first steps toward a revenue share program for top producers.

And now, Meta is sweetening the deal for Reels with a new 'Challenges' option for Facebook Reels, which will give you more ways to generate money from your short films, as well as an update to its Reels, Play Bonus program, which will restructure its rewards process. Meta hasn't given a detailed explanation of how its calculations will change, but the upgrade appears to be targeted at rewarding smaller-scale entrepreneurs rather than the huge players who take up all of the money.

According to Meta:

“As we continue to test and refine the Reels Play bonus programs, we’re making some updates. We’re adjusting how payouts are calculated, aimed at rewarding creators across a range of audience sizes who are making high-quality original content that resonates with people, (which may result in payouts changing for some creators)”

In addition, Meta is launching "Challenges" on Facebook, which is a new incentive that lets Reels Play bonus program creators uncover new methods to earn up to $4,000 in a given month. This is also geared toward assisting a larger spectrum of creators in profiting from Reels, rather than the big stars raking in all of the income. However, creator funding systems like this aren't scalable in reality, and if Meta wants to create an egalitarian and useful revenue split system, it'll have to include advertising at some point and distribute a piece of its performance to relevant creators.

“Building on the strong advertising and revenue sharing foundation we’ve established with in-stream ads, we’ve been rolling out overlay ads in Reels on Facebook, and we’re starting to test them with a wider set of creators, (beyond the in-stream ads program) to expand availability to more creators and open up more high-quality inventory for advertisers on our platform.”

For a long time, Meta has been testing overlay advertisements for Reels with a select group of creators, with all Reels creators in the US, Canada, and Mexico having access to the feature in February. This might provide a more long-term monetization avenue for short-form content, as well as another way for advertisers to sell their products within the rising option, meeting customers where they're increasingly paying attention.

Indeed, according to Meta's most recent performance update, Reels clips now account for more than 20% of all time spent on Instagram, whereas video content accounts for 50% of all time spent on Facebook. Even if TikTok started the trend and these other apps are just following suit, the popularity of the format is indisputable, and it's worth evaluating the prospects for your marketing efforts in short-form clips across all applications.

Finally, Meta is releasing additional Facebook insights for Reels Play creators. This will increase openness and assist Reels creators in establishing a more sustainable approach. At least until Meta alters its monetization rules based on what it wants to incentivize, which is why Meta needs to promote its Reels overlay advertisements offering to create a more consistent money flow for Reels artists.

“On the Reels Play Bonus Insight page on Facebook, creators can easily see how many Plays each of their eligible Reels received within the given earning period.”

It's incredible to think about the acceptance of short-form video and TikTok's impact, especially when you realize that Vine was around years ago and offered virtually the same type of content strategy, but it never caught on in the same manner. Perhaps it was ahead of its time, and as consumer preferences evolve, shorter and shorter forms of entertainment will become the standard, catering to the fast-paced media cycle and the never-ending stream of content available to us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whatever it is, short-form video is the hottest trend right now, and the platform that can figure out the best monetization strategy will likely come out on top.

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